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Fitness room

To refreshening or only for shape workouts, overnight guests may use our fittness room equipped with the following professional strengthening and cardio-machines free of charge:

  • Elliptical trainer with monitor
  • Exercise – bicycle
  • Flabelos
  • Back machine for bust
  • exercise machine

The room has mirror walls in order to perform the exercises correctly.You can also have fresh water with the help of a water dispenser.

Massage benefits both body and soul. It stimulates circulation and contributes to the cleaning function of the lymphatic system. It relieves us of stress and gives us energy in order to see things in a different point of view and have a higher self-respect. The evolved congestion during the massage supplies the muscles with nutriments to ease their heaviness. Through a massage both our body and soul can regenerate

Massage for relaxation

The positive effects of massage to the body:

  • Intensifies the metabolism and stretch of the muscles
  • Improves circulation
  • Treats locomotor diseases
  • Tonising soft muscles
  • Scarifies tight, achy body parts
  • Improves general physicality
  • Refreshens and improves physical and menthal condition

Massage is not recommended in case of:

  • Pregnancy
  • Feverish illnesses
  • Acute inflammation of any tracts or systems
  • Injuries, strains or sprains of bones, joints or muscles
  • Inflammatory illnesses of external veins, thrombosis
  • Illnesses with haemophilia
  • Weak conditions

Ask about prices and types at the reception!